Charotar Chaud Gaam Patel-Patidar Community

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This website is dedicated
in loving memory of
Late Shri Parbhubhai Chhaganbhai Patel (Rangaipura)

Citizens of Charotar are a unique Gujarati community. They are spread all over the world while still retaining a very strong attachment to their roots. In the days of yore, they yearned for the bond with their motherland but were impeded by sheer geographical distances. But, with the advent of technology there is a glorious opportunity for a platform to connect Charotar citizens across the globe. is an interactive platform for the worldwide community of Charotar's 14gaam patidar. A community portal catering exclusively to fortify relationships within the community, by focusing on friends, civic groups, organizations, social clubs, community businesses and above all the development of 14gaam.

Charotar is a region in Central/Southern Gujarat. Area of central Gujarat, The land or area between river Mahi and Vatrak is called Charotar. Charotar was the only area where it produces tobacco. It is also known for nurturing great ideals, values, characters, and patriots. One of such great sons of the Charotar soil is Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the iron man of India. Sardar Vallabhabhai Patel and population of Patel community who make Charotar Patel community popular unlike any other community in India. Youth are highly educated, family oriented, retain rich heritage of Patidar. We are at gives strong platform for bridging gaps between generations and for youth lives in east and west. offer free matrimonial service, introducing our culture values, Hinduism, Hindu Festivals, Ancestries, community news services, make announcement any many more.

Patels or Patidars who belong to this region of Charotar are industrious agriculturists. They are development mongers and go out of their way to contribute to the development of the society, the Samaj and the nation as a whole.

Chaud Gaam (14gaamPatel-Patidar Samaj is a gradually developing community and yet very promising society.  The society will definitely envolve, diversify and extend its reach and coverage for unique socio-cultural identity. The future of the society is very bright.

  • Patel Matrimonial
    • 14 Gaam (Chaud Gaam) Matrimonial service allows you to view profiles of brides or grooms looking for a life partner. You can create a profile of your own, with the facility to upload your photograph. This segment is specially designed for 14gaam patidar for the successful marriages require support systems, common values, and shared aspirations in addition to love and mutual understanding.