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Bhajan Kirtan

For millennia Hindu mandirs (temples) have been centers of Bhajan-Kirtan-Bhakti. the tradition of singing Bhajan-Kirtan flourished with the contributions of medieval saint-poets of the Bhakti movement like, Tulsidas, Kabir, Raidas, Narsinh Mehta, Surdas, Kumbhandas, Mirabai and later, Tyagaraja, Premanand Swami, Brahmanand Swami, Muktanand Swami and many others. On singing and listening to their Bhajan one not only sways to the notes and rhythms, but becomes absorbed in a beauty and glory of God's lila. The devout sing kirtan and thus communicate with Divine: praising, petitioning, confessing and praying.

Kirtan means to sing God's glory and greatness with profound devotion. Since God is the repository of all virtues, beauty and greatness the devout sign his lila and glory. The combination of musical notes, bhav and lyrics in kirtan evoke soul-stirring vibration of devotion and joy.

The ancient rishis of India mellifluously chanted mantras in praise of the supreme God and devas. 

Bhajan Kirtan

The tradition of singing kirtans followed in thereafter with notable contributions from medieval saint-poets of the Mehta, Surdas, Kumbhands, Mirabai and many others. The rich poetic content of their kirtans or bhajans and their bhav are par-excellence. On listening to their bhajan one not only sways to the notes and rhythms, but becomes absorbed in the description of God's lila, beauty and glory. the Bhagvatam prescribes Kalau tad dherikirtanat - (liberation) is attained in Kaliyug by kirtan bhakti.

For milennia Hindu mandirs have been the patrons and centers of kirtan-bhakti. The singing of kirtans beneath the mandir dome produces a devotional ambience and bhav. The devout sing kirtans and thus communicate with the deity: praising, petitioning, confessing and praying.

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