V C Patel Purley, Surrey (uk)

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V C Patel posted on Chh Gam Patel-Patidar Samaj at 12/1/2019 6:05:11 PM
V C Patel
Purley, Surrey (uk)
  Town details shown are not proper/incorrect. All villages land owned by the rulers in those days and was given to selected Kanbi farmers with conditions attached. To improve agriculture in his kingdom Mahmud Begado gave villages to hardworking Kanbi farmers on ownership with conditions. I am from Sojitra and have the history of Sojitra. Jeshang Patel agreed king’s conditions and took control of village Sojitra. Jeshang Patel had seven sons and after 3/4 generations during Jahangir rule village land was divided equally between seven families

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