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Gujarati Natak Online

Gujarati Natak online or Gujarat Pat Katha or Gujarati Bhavai are most popular since ancient times. There are plenty of Gujarati Natak and Kalakar (Actore/Actress or artist) who start their career with Gujarati Drama and lead to Hindi Bollywood movie. We are here to collect most popular comedy, social, tragicomedy or heroic and domestic drama. Out of all most popular are comedy which is picturized on husband-wife and sash-bahu (mother in law and daughter in law).

Let us know if you are interested to see drama, we can try to get best collection for you. we have listed most of all Natak (drama), which is published on Youtube as public rights. If you find any natak or drama, is offensive send us request, we will surely removed it from our website. Please don't forget to place comments for every page you visit. It will help other internet user.

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