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6th Annual Day Celebrations - Western English Medium School

December, 31, 2009, 6th annual day has been celebrated by Chaud Gam Kelavani Uttejak Trust includes Swami Sachchidanand Vidya Sankul, B.P.Patel Pre-Primary School, V.P.Patel Primary School, M.P.M. Patel Secondary of Western English Medium School at school premises (Purnanand Ashram, PETLAD – 388450. Ph. (02697-221394) 

6th Annual Day Celebration TWEMS

Lamp LighteningThe Management and the whole Family of TWEMS Cordially invited 

Guests (Mukhya Atithi)

  1. Mr. Niranjanbhai P. Patel (M.L.A. Petlad)
  2. Mr. Rajendrasinh Parmar (M.L.A. Bhadran)
  3. Mr. Amitbhai Chavda (M.L.A. Borsad)
  4. Mr. Rajeshbhai Patel (Member-Dharmaj Jilla Panchayat, Anand)
  5. Mr. C.D.Patel (Ex.M.L.A. Petlad) 
  6. Mr. Bhailalbhai P. Patel (Santokpura-U.S.A.) (Managing Trustee)
  7. Mr. Pravinbhai M. Patel (Bhavanipura-U.S.A.) (Trustee)
  8. Mrs. Meenaben R. Patel (Chairperson of St. Committee, Petlad Nagar Seva Sadan)  
  9. Mr. Bhikhubhai N. Patel (Managing Trustee & Secretary, Sardar Patel Education Trust, Anand)

While Mr. Dhurabhai  Solanki, Mr. Niranjanbhai Patel, Mr. Rajendrasihn Parmar and Mrs. Avantika Singh were not present in the function.

The programme of the functions were


  1. Verbal Welcome 
  2. Prayer 
  3. Lamp Lightening 
  4. Cultural Programme 
  5. Floral welcome of guest 
  6. Blessings of Swamiji 
  7. Speech of the guest 
  8. Prize distribution 
  9. School Annual Report 
  10. Cultural Programme (Contd.) 
  11. Presidential Remarks 
  12. Vote of Thanks
  13. National Anthem

The progress report of last six years has been announced in this ceremony as follow.


Good morning everyone.
I feel proud to give a brief  report of our progress and development  to elite and august audience.

  1. Reverend H.H. Swami Sachchidanandji Maharaj
  2. Shree, Mr.Niranjanbhai P Patel ( M.L.A. Petlad),
  3. Mr.Rajendrasinh Parmar (M.L.A. Bhadran),
  4. Mr.Amitbhai Chavda (M.L.A. Borsad),
  5. Mr.Rajeshbhai Patel(Member of Anand District Panchayat, Dharmaj),
  6. Mr.C.D.Patel (Ex. M.L.A. Petlad),
  7. Mr. Bhailalbhai P. Patel (Managing Trustee Santokpura-U.S.A.),
  8. Mr.Pravinbhai Patel( Trustee,Bhavanipura-U.S.A.), 
  9. Mrs.Meenaben R.Patel (Chairperson of St.Committee,Petlad Nagar Seva-Sadan),
  10. Mr.Bhikhubhai N. Patel(Trustee & Secretary Sardar Patel Edu. Trust, Anand), 
  11. Mrs.Avantika Singh (I.A.S.) D.D.O., Anand,
  12. Mr.Khodabhai S Patel,
  13. Mr.Pareshbhai P. Patel,
  14. Mr.Girishkumar P.Patel,
  15. Mr.Kantibhai P.Patel,
  16. Mr.Mahendrabhai K.Patel,
  17. Mr.Kamleshbhai R.Patel,
  18. Mr.Jashbhai C.Patel,
  19. Mr.Ketanbhai C.Patel,

Invited guests, trustees, donors,parents and students with all our TWEMS family,we adore your presence with due respect and love, Chaud Gam Patidar Samaj set up Chaud Gam Kelavani Uttejak Trust, ‘Registered NGO and non profiting social organization with a view to set up an English Medium School in Petlad. In 2002, they dreamed of a school. With less than 100 numbers of pupils, a new era of education began. The Western English Medium School began in the building of New education School Petlad. Within few years the trust made a marvelous adventure and now we have two palaces like buildings and more than 3 acres of land. It has history of 7 years and today   under the canopy of Swami Sachchidanand Vidya Sankul- B.P.Patel Pre-primary, V.P.Patel primary school Santokpura, U.S.A and M.P.M.Patel Secondary school Bhavanipura, U.S.A.  From Nur to Std X we have 752 students from25 villages of this area. The S.S.V.S. is a boon to the new parents those who want their children in the English Medium School of quality, value based and global education. Here, we thank all the donors who generously gave money to set up the S.S.V.S.  We bow our head with reverence to Swamiji whose name is attached to this Vidya Sankul. Along with his divine blessings, he gave huge amount of money too.

Annual Programme Western Englihs Medium School PetladHere we give burden less and stress free education under the team of qualified young and zealous teachers. We receive in-service training twice a year. Here learning is a pleasure with all round development of student’s personality. All subjects are taught with help of TLM and Projects. Here student and teachers both are learners. Weekly and monthly unit test are here with regular examinations during the whole year. Students are the part of teaching learning process which will build up their character. it is a life making process for the betterment of the future life.

Our day begins with  the prayer, which followed by the assembly. Here the students of all the standards are given opportunities to express themselves. Students get chance to speak before the audience. They represent varieties which are informative and interesting. Even news are read by the students. In our prayer gathering we wish birthday to our friends. Even tributes are paid in general. National song and national anthem are sung everyday. Students are trained to dream high and guided to turn those dreams into reality. Yoga and meditation is a part of daily routine besides subject learning we have co-curricular and extra curricular activities in due course of time.

Celebration of Days

  1. Independence day
  2. Veer Narmad Jayanti
  3. Akshay Urja Divas
  4. World Literacy Day
  5. Swami Vivekanand’s speech at Chicago
  6. Gandhi Jayanti
  7. Father’s day
  8. World AIDS day
  9. World Human Rights Day
  10. Republic Day
  11. Teacher’s day
  12. Sardar jayanti
  13. Hindi Divas


  1. Gauri vrat
  2. Rakshabandhan
  3. Diwali
  4. Navratri
  5. Uttarayan

Co-curricular and Extra curricular activities

  1. Handwriting competition
  2. Patriotic competition
  3. Quiz competition
  4. Drawing Competition
  5. Story telling competition
  6. Extempore
  7. Essay-writing competition
  8. Elocution competition
  9. Recitation competition
  10. Card making
  11. Rakhi making competition.

Parents Teachers Meeting is held every month in which parents can discuss the problems of the students.  We even show the answer sheets of the examinations to the parents.

Achievements in various fields

  1. Year 2008-09 was a milestone. Our first S.S.C batch appeared at the board  exam we achieved
  2. 100% result with high quality.
  3. Pratik N. Patel stood at 4th position in discus throw at the state level.
  4. Nine students reached upto the Taluka level in sports.
  5. In Navneet Drawing Competition we stood first in group ‘B’ and ‘C’.

Here we make maximum use of computer lab. Students of standard I to X learn computer as per their syllabus. We even learn other subjects with  the help of computers. Science lab is well furnished with all the necessary equipments, charts and models. We have spacious drawing room. We have Flags of more than 100 Countries. Besides this we have rich library in which every year we add new books. This year we have started subscribing for reader’s digest, Parab, Jeevan Shikshan, Madhyamik Shikshan and Parikshan etc. Even  English news papers are kept for reading. We have a very spacious play ground which is very rare these days.

This year we had  book exhibition, snake show, a seminar on Swine Flue and how to make rough papers useful. We went on 4th December at Ralej along with KG Students. Even educational tour was conducted at Sardar Smarak, Karamsad.In month of January we are going to have two more tours one for the students of standard first to fourth and another for the students of fifth to tenth.

Whatever we have achieved is a joint venture of the management, the principal, the supervisor, the team of teaching and non-teaching staff and of courses the students. We get parental support too.

Undoubtedly the contribution of management is very high. The guidance and encouragement of Mr.Khodabhai Patel, the President of the Samaj and Mr.Kamleshbhai Patel the Secretory of the trust is noteworthy.

Mr. Bhupendrabhai Gordhanbhai Patel has announce to give a prize of rupees 11,000 to the students who have secured more than 75% in the board exam. We thank him for this encouragement.

To motivate the students, we have started on the recommendation of our managing trustee and donor Mr.Bhailalbhai P. Patel to give student of the month award to all the students on their over all performance to the students of nursery to standard X. Every year our management is doing something new for the betterment of the students. We have LCD projector for the students. We have audio-visual room also.

We are still to give more emphasis on spoken English and communicative skills. More activities will be carried out by our language and science circle and Maths and S.S committee. We are to start CDC for our students.

We give assurance to the whole society that we give education at par here.
We value your support and feed back in maintaining our standard of quality and satisfaction. We are aware that we have to justify the name of the complex, Swami Sachchidanand Vidya Sankul. We know our responsibilities are heavier but we are strong enough to shoulder those responsibilities because of blessings of Swamiji and the support of the trust.

We give promise that we will make this school a temple of learning for new century.
One new remarkable trend is to be mentioned. Some people have taken up the initiative to pay the fees of the students (Rangaipura,Vishrampura and Bhavanipura) of Patel Samaj studying in this school. We hope the people of other village will follow the example. We heartly thank the donors.

At last we pray to almighty with our folded hands that we grow every year not only in height and weight but also in confidence and competence, sensitivity and intimacy courage and curiosity, knowledge and understanding with true sprit.


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6th Annual Day Celebrations - Western English Medium School 6th Annual Day Celebrations - Western English Medium School
6th Annual Day Celebrations - Western English Medium School 6th Annual Day Celebrations - Western English Medium School
6th Annual Day Celebrations - Western English Medium School 6th Annual Day Celebrations - Western English Medium School
6th Annual Day Celebrations - Western English Medium School 6th Annual Day Celebrations - Western English Medium School
darpan patel posted to it good on 12/2/2010 1:55:35 PM
darpan patel
darpan patel
eastlake, north high school
  make some thing new
Shaishav Shah posted to All staff of TWEMS on 3/9/2011 1:38:44 AM
Shaishav Shah
Shaishav Shah
  It was a very very good job done by you. Really it was very nice show
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  twems is very good school in petlad

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