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Chh Gam Patel-Patidar Samaj

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Chha Gam Samaj strives to instill moral, cultural, and higher education values in younger generation. The Samaj become a platform for youths to meet and create life-lasting bonds. The Samaj is also organizing social events for chha gaam patel-patidar samaj


The history regarding the settlement of Dharmaj is very ancient some says it was settled by Dharma Rabari and as the story goes that about 850 yrs ago in 1150 A.D., a Rabari by the name Dharmo came along with his family and his cattle and got settled near Khadiyari Talavdi. At that time there used to be a thick forest all around Dharmaj. As such he used to take his cattle for grazing in the forest. And to his surprise one day he found that accidentally when any cow use to graze on the place (where Dharmeshwar Mahadev stands today) the Milk would run away from the cows aanchal on its own.

 And this began to happen often on regular basis, this aroused the anxiety of Dharma Rabari so he started digging the place, and on excavating, to his surprise he found a Mahadev's Ling. And thus, became the devotee of Lord Shiva and built a small temple at the very place, which today stands in Main Bazar as “Dharmeshwar Mahadev” and later on the land surrounding this place came to be known as “Dharmaj” after his name. Thereafter this village was rehabilitated by Brahmins and Garasia who later on migrated to some other places. 

Later on, Shri Narshibhai Patel originally from Jargal came to Dharmaj to get settled down. And this, the history of settlement of “Juni Khadki” (at present Sardar Chowk) settled by him is about 850 yrs old. Once again in 1675 A.D. honorable Shri Rangaji Patel from Virol (near Sojitra) came to Dharmaj to get settle and earn his living. And later on his descendents were then divided into four Khadkis (-Vachli Khadki -Kadujini Khadki -Kakani Kahadki -Athamni Khadki) Thus the history of settlement of Kutumb of Rangaji Patel is about 325 yrs old. Also, soon after Shri Bhavanidas Patel (from Virol) migrated from Virol and got settled in Dharmaj and his descendents were paatidars of Solidas and Monardas, recognized as Solidas ni Khadki.


Nadiad, The name is enough for its identity. Vikram Samvat 1213, about 1156AD, first Patidar named Jesti Patel forefather of Patidars of Kakarkhad, Alhadvago, Ratanji Hirji and Lakhawad. Kheta Patel who came to Nadiad in Samvat 1516. History of the Patidars is the witness of how some of the Patidars becomes Desai. The place in Nadiad it been called as Desaivago (Where Desai's live in). Nadiad is grouped in to the Chha Gaam Patidar Samaj in order to make equality between different Patidar Samaj in Gujarat. Nadiad is the birth place of great political leader Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Who made India complete 



Years ago in Padampur, nearly two kilometres away from Bhadran town, there used to live two very strong brothers named Bhadrasur and Aghasur. Majority of the people here were very cruel. They defeated Devas with a power graced by Mahadevji. Agonized Devas prayed mighty goddess Uma and two Shakties’ named Bhadrakali and Ambaji, were created.

Bhadrakali and Ambaji killed Bhdrasur and Aghasur respectively so Devas established temples of both Matajis. In due course Padampur was destroyed. In Samvat 1232 (1176 AC) on Sunday the sudi 11(before full moon) of month Vaishakh Bhadrapur later known as Bhadrn and finally as the time passed, today's BHADRAN, was officially formed. Garasia and Patidar communities were the main population.

According to the Data in the Family Tree of the Patels of the seven towns, published in 1925 C.E., the first Patel, named Ananda, came from Anklav in Samvat 1415 and lived here.

Gradually his generations, as new Patel's used to live and settle with them. From the eleventh generation of four brothers, eldest and the second number named Revandas and Dhanjibhai respectively started to live in a section called Moti Khadki. Third and fourth numbers named Harkhjibhai and Manjibhai, in another section called Nani Khadki. Together with above, now, Bhadran is flourishing with the influx of all different communities with new Patels from different places.


Ancient documents and archaeological surveys indicate that Sojitra is an ancient town that has experienced several name changes and been under the control of many different political entities. Popular mythology of the area credits the current incarnation of the village as originally being settled by Sojan Rabari and his family, who named it either Sojanpur or Sojatypur. At some point, this was shortened to Soja, which later morphed into the current name.

The village proper itself was mostly settled and established by family members of the Patel family line. In 1527, when the immediate area was under the control of Raval rulers, Surabhai Patel left Chapaner and moved to Adalaj and again in 1552 with one of his two sons, Virabhai Patel, to Devataj. In 1575, Muzfarshah the Second, allotted the land of Sojitra to Jeshangbhai Patel, the son of Vitabhai Patel, for hereditary use. The land was distributed among seven inheritors: Harakjibhai, Sunderbhai, Bhuderbhai, Saudasbhai, Amabaidas, Pragdas, and Mahidas. The Patidars of the seven Khadkies were their descendents.

The Patel family has produced a number of individuals who have been influential in the Indian government. In the state of Gujarat, Kamalaben Maganbhai Patel held the position of Deputy Minister of the State; Dr. Thakorbhai Patel was Cabinet Minister of the State of Gujarat; and Ravajibhai Maganbhai Patel served as Secretary of the Gujarat Congress Committee. In the state of Bombay, Dr. Bhaskarbhai Patel was the Deputy Minister of the State; and Jashbhai Jivabhai Patel served as the Controller of Iron & Steel. In the national government, Gopalbhai Shivabhai Patel was the Chairman of the Unit Trust of India; and Chimanbhai Patel was the Chief Engineer of the Public Works Department of the Government of India.


 Karamsad is hometown to a large (& growing) number of non resident Indians (NRI's) Not only do they contribute to the development of the charotar region, they are also instrumental in creating & financing a lot of institutes.

Karamsad is a city and a municipality in Anand district in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is part of the Chchagaam Gol (Circle of Six Villages). In addition to NRI's, the local farming community is also very socially active The major product of the region is tobacco. Travelling in the bylanes one is constantly reminded of this by the peculiar smell that pervades, almost like that of empty cigarette packs



Vachchha Patel of Undhhel settled the town Vaso, met Vasundhara Mata in 1224. The town is called Vaso, which is named after the Goddess, Vasundhara

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Vipul Patel posted on 3/25/2015 12:51:55 PM
Vipul Patel
Irvine, California
Rating: 4/5
I am from Bhadran. I saw number of comments, good and bad. Any one from Chh gam has relations in rest of the six villages. I ma from Bhadran, my mother was from Nadiad, Desaivago; My grandmother was from Karamsad...and so on. I am sure that that is true for other groupings also. Most important is we all are proud Patels and our contributions to India is unmatched.
Alap Patel posted on 2/6/2015 7:13:10 PM
Alap Patel
Nadiad Kakarkhad
Rating: 5/5
 i am really proud  i am patel  

Patel Brijesh posted on 10/8/2014 5:13:10 AM
patel brijesh
Rating: 4/5
jay swaminarayan 
to all people of charotar 
 feeling proud to get the job in sp university as an faculty 
Pooja posted on 9/17/2014 3:05:01 PM
Rating: 3/5

how does the chh gam relate to or differ from vaishno vaniyo- sorry for my bad spelling!
are they 2 different gujarati strands? pls explain!
Maya posted on 8/2/2014 10:45:54 AM
Rating: 3/5
Hello Anilbhai
Are you Dr.Rambhaison from Vasad?

Hello Pinal Banker this site isnt created to show your jealousy
Why dont you it wisely?
I want guide you how?
Anil Rambhai Patel posted on 6/30/2013 1:32:44 AM
Anil Rambhai Patel
Orlando, Fl.
Rating: 3/5
In details there needs a correction in the name of Ravjibhai Manibhai Patel , Secretary of Gujarat state Congress Party, instead of Ravjibhai Maganbhai Patel
Pinal Banker posted on 6/19/2013 6:12:14 AM
pinal banker
Rating: 5/5
chh gam leva patels true history
white people always need slaves usa uk aus nzl people leva patels of chh gam go there and they become modern slaves cleaning toilets washing clothes and cleaning their animals toilets also
this is how they earn their money its not surprising because these are people from chh gam gam  means gamada animals gober grass and wild animals insects dirt so they can 
Karan Patel posted on 5/6/2013 10:13:31 AM
karan patel
Rating: 4/5
Arvind Patel posted on 9/16/2012 9:26:41 PM
arvind patel
Rating: 4/5
Proud to be patel
Hitesh Patel posted on 7/27/2012 5:07:44 AM
Hitesh Patel
Rating: 5/5
Hello Dear Cha Gam fellows,

I am Hitesh Patel from Karamsad, New HOuses, Navi Pole, presently living in Wembley, UK.

As majority of people on this chatter, I too miss my lovely Gam and although I do regularly visit Karamsad for few days each year, that is never enough. Take care, Hitesh
Jignesh A Patel. posted on 5/24/2012 5:21:00 AM
Jignesh A Patel.
Rating: 3/5
I m Six gam patidar. My native place Bhadran.I stay in Baroda with my mom.
Hitesh Patel posted on 4/11/2012 11:56:19 AM
Hitesh Patel
Rating: 5/5
Hi All
My name is Hitesh, I am from Karamsad (nava ghara, krishna pole) and used to live in Vidhyanagar but now in London.
I am proud to be from chh gaam, karamsad and above all proud to be Indian.
Hashmukh. A Patel posted on 3/8/2012 5:53:22 PM
Lakeland . Florida Usa
Rating: 5/5
hi i am from karamsad, lived in vallabh vidyanagar . kamal-kunj . now in usa and all chh gaam people should be proud of their own gaam . Keep up with the unity , love , laughter, and help each other in the years to come. love u all
Ishita posted on 3/6/2012 12:58:07 PM
Rating: 5/5
Jagdish Patel posted on 3/2/2012 7:01:29 PM
jagdish patel
Detroit .michigan.u.s.a
Rating: 5/5
i am from dharmaj.iam prod of be one beat dharmaj in world
Patel posted on 12/29/2011 12:21:53 PM
Rating: 5/5
I m from nadiad.I am proud of 6 GAM.
I think bhadran is  PARIS OF GUJARAT.Please go see on bhadran website.
Prafulchandra Patel posted on 11/27/2011 7:47:19 AM
prafulchandra patel
Bunda.tanzania.east Africa
Rating: 5/5
Thank u very much for make a 6 gam charotar patidarsamajwebsite.hope in future add more and more information regarding 6 gam patidar samaj activities and others.
Manish posted on 11/2/2011 8:46:08 PM
Rating: 5/5
Where are all my EMS Dharmaj classmates..Just wanted to say miss you all. Naimesh, Keyur, Jigar, Niren, Tushar, Prathmesh, Vipul, Nirav any many more. Proud to be a Swarnim Dharmajian!!!
Jai Swaminarayan.
Hashmukh Patel posted on 10/20/2011 4:34:45 PM
hashmukh patel
Lakeland Florida 33880
Rating: 5/5
hi i am from karamsad was in vidyanagar and now in usa. i love the 6 gam patidar samaj and proud to be a patel
Ritesh posted on 9/10/2011 3:11:01 AM
Rating: 3/5
new visiter please tell me more about every ting
Hetal Patel posted on 7/18/2011 1:36:55 PM
hetal patel
Rating: 0/5
hi, iam hetal patel iam from karmsad.ilke usa.iam livenow carolsteam from hetal.
Dharmesh G Patel posted on 6/9/2011 12:15:07 PM
Dharmesh G patel
(dharmaj) Anand
Rating: 0/5
I Dharmesh Patel  My Native Place In Dharmaj I Live In Anand I Secratary Six Gaam Patidar Pragati Mandal Anand
Harshad Patel posted on 5/30/2011 12:53:19 PM
Harshad Patel
Allen,(dallas) Texas
Rating: 0/5
Hi, My gam is Bhadran(Nani Khadki).Bhadran had great indutrialist such as Kedila, ABC Bearings but not near town. So people had to go out to survive. I was born in Mombasa, Kenya. But I was grown up and studied in karamsad.I was admired to Sardar Patel. My college was BJVM and worked in Elecon (MH & Gear Divn)V.V.Nagar.Vithalbhai Patel,s dream & vision fulfilled by Jethakaka, B.I.Patel. I lived in London 20 years and moved to Dallas, Texas, USA and now greatly miss.
Hitarth posted on 5/29/2011 6:47:17 AM
Rating: 0/5
proud to be a 6Gam patidar,
from Bhadran
Anisha posted on 5/12/2011 3:15:06 PM
Rating: 5/5
Hi everyone, im a 6 gam patidar from nadiad. i just read what bhupendra from anand wrote and i would just like to say you need to get your facts right mate, patels in the usa do not wash bed sheets and they do not clean bathrooms they actully own the motels and dont write nasty things about the 6 gams because you dont know them anD instead of saying things about them why dont you look at yourself and look at where you come from!
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