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Labh Pancham Puja Muhurat Timing 2017 Zernograd Rostov, Russia

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The final festival during the Diwali time is Labh Pancham on Kartik. It is also known as 'Saubhaagya Panchami'. Labh Pancham is observed on the 5th day during the increase period of moon Shukla Paksha as per traditional Gujrati Calendar. Labh Pancham Date 2017 is October  24, Tuesday. It is a festival related with Diwali.

Labh Pancham Date 2017 - 24th October, 2017 (Tuesday)

Labh Pancham Pooja is a lucky day to start business. People celebrate Pancham or Panchami by worshiping their books and implore for more knowledge. Hindu business men devotion Goddess Lakshmi and open their accounts.

What is Labh Pancham Meaning?

Today generally wish for matter 'Labh' such as: a good job, good in-laws, riches and so forth. However the scriptures and sadhus update us that the best 'Labh' is human birth itself. With this one should try for God-realization.

What is Labh Pancham Muhurat Time?

Those who have not complete Sharda Pujan on Diwali complete Pujan of their new ledgers today and celebrate this day and open their shops and businesses. In the days following Diwali Labh Pancham people visit friends and relatives, Neighbour to renovate unity. Sweets and other items are offered to guests, representatively 'sweetening' relations.

  • Labh Pancham Puja Muhurat Timing 2017 for Zernograd Rostov
    • Subh Muhurata Timing: 6:54 AM to 10:19 AM
    • Duration: 3 Hours 25 Mins
    • Amavasya Tithis Begin At: 4:36 AM on 24/Oct/2017
    • Amavasya Tithi End At: 7:7 AM on 25/Oct/2017
    • Muhurat timings are local time of Zernograd Rostov Russia

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