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History Of India Independence posted on History of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel at 12/27/2013 11:24:37 AM
History Of India Independence
  Whole nation think and believe that India got Independence based on Non-Voilance and Truth. The reality is that above statement it self is Lie to the Nation. When there was not technology that can focus on reality. Subhash Chandra Bose has create Invincible Army which can ready to fight against British. As soon as British figured out they will be kicked out anyway, We should take everything wisely and start up the India breaking process. They took everything they can take with and announced India to Independence on their conditions. We have been taught wrong history about India Independence and also make you feel same about your religion, language and culture over other religion, western culture and English language. REACTION OF LION OF INDIA Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was the only public leader of great importance who approved of Singhs action. Bose advocated the approach that the political instability of war-time Britain should be taken advantage of—rather than simply wait for the British to grant independence after the end of the war (which was the view of Gandhi, Nehru and a section of the Congress leadership at the time). Bose advocated a campaign of mass civil disobedience to protest against Viceroy Lord Linlithgows decision to declare war on Indias behalf without consulting the Congress leadership. Having failed to persuade Gandhi of the necessity of this, Bose organised mass protests in Calcutta. As R.C. Aggarwara writes in his Constitutional History of India and National Movement the daring deed of Singh blew the bugle for renewed struggle of Indias freedom struggle.
Hetal posted on Sardar Patel - Policy for separation in Gujarati at 5/3/2013 10:35:17 AM
  The Great statement given by Great Sardar Patel on minority... जो अल्पमत जबरदस्ती देश का विभाजन करा सकता है, उसे आप अल्पसंख्यक क्यूँ समझते हैं ? फिर उसे विशेष सुविधाएं क्यूँ ?

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