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Shani N Patel posted on Devataj - 17 Gam Patidar Samaj at 7/17/2014 9:13:45 AM
Shani N Patel
  Do you want go with me, go with me, to my little village. My youth is hiding under the tree, in the leaves and the grass. I love you and miss you O my little village but cannot reach you. All my little friends are grown up now, no longer staying in you. My life begins in you, my little dollhouse and playing yard. Remembering those days when I used to make little houses with mud. Sharing with my friends with gifts made by playthough and mud. The days when our dolls would marry each other standing together. Our fun, love and joy, how wonderful were those days with pleasure. Is it possible to reach the days that passed away? No, they shall never come back, only the memories It makes me sad; I dont always understand these queries Those memories clicking on my mind like a movie of life that passed away I am wishing now to go back to my village to find my youth and forgotten days keeping my memory along the way On my journey to the next step; Walking through the life of my Adventure until the last breath;

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