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amith posted on Achivements of India - Speech of Dr Abdul Kalaam at 8/7/2014 11:24:25 AM
  A great words by a great person(In my words A LEAGEND) these words r 100 true iagree but it not gng to be done by one,two,hundreds, thousands,& more than persons( sry fr saying if 1 person post this type of vry useful&true words more than 100 peoples r gng to refuse to read this why they r like that idnt know but it is true now people r vry intrested in watching movies,gossips,chtngs,etc and one thing o want to say they have intrest and time to read that kind of posts which r not useful in the real life and for the society (eg:movie gossips,love affairs,hero&heroine gossips etc) sry fr saying all this i said this beacause im an INDIAN ihave respect to words MY country..... idnt want my country tobe let down..... so pls i reqst to all to share a good & useful massages..... thnq

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