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Darshanchandra. N. Pthak
  Sir; Hindu- word has concern with place; not religion.The men living near Sindhi river is known has Hindu. This Hindus religion is Sanatan. Sanatan means ethics.The Veda is book of ethics. the man is passing in his life span; 1. Social; 2. Economics; .Politics; 4.Physical; 5. Religion. How to be happy; during passing above span; is given in Veda. Adventure and Bravery; is the base of all life span. Please see Rig-Ved shlok; 4-2-15 We become fire to break the mountain. Our life usually as soft as lotus but for attacking enemy; we become as fire. With our brightness; and bravery; we make enemy ash; Crush down all difficulties come along the ways. If any mountain hinders our progress; we break it. Atharv- Veda 2-13-14 Let our body be build hard as stone. Let our body be strong as stone. we never are poor; weaker; and light less. Let every element of physique be powerful. In every vain; part of body supremacy zest; and viger filed. we can say; the whole life span of Lord Krishna in one sentence I never harass any one and no one can harass me Our God are stout. let me our saints are reading Veda and Upnishd. Being a Hindu; every one must be stout. when our God Ram and Krishna are not weaker; then why we are weaker? If any one want to know more; please refer website www.mahatmagandhiandsardarpateltrust.com

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