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bharat m patel posted on Samuh Lagna Group Marriages - New Trend at 9/14/2017 4:26:16 PM
bharat m patel
Amenia, Newyork, Ny-12501
  i just read your answer :-We had 12/14 years in which many couple have participated in Samuh Lagna. I am sorry to inform you that We dont have any Samuh Lagna going on nor in near future we have planned for. ....which is true. What happened ? Why they stopped Samuh lagna / as you got messages from all over I think it should be continue and should give them helping hand. Patidar Samaj, we extravagantly spend money on the weddings; which most of the time leads to huge indebtedness. So I hope it is important to curb such unnecessary expenditure.We should help our local Patidar who stryggles to make ends meet--specially who (including me) lives abroad....we should control ourselves and join samuh lagna. and shold start again .that will be a great help to our samaj locally.... Is any body, any patidar mandal working on this ?? I heard that we spend $75000 to $100,000 or more for marriage here in this country....nothing wrong, more power to them but at the same time we should think about Patidar samaj back in our district in India and should try to help them and should keep continue Samuh Lagna. See if you can create interest in the NRIs who lives abroad...take this first step and see what happens...... Bharat.
bharat patel posted on Matrimonial at 4/11/2011 8:47:49 AM
bharat patel
  Hetal, Very good start.There is a need for this.May be in more has.That will encourage young generation-with much interest.May be we invite Charotar patel samaj....this is just a thought..because 14 gaam is kind a saturated with internal relationship between all families. Any way.... good luck-keep working hard towards the goal. Thanks again for everything you do. Bharat Rangaipura Amenia,ny-12501

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