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Patel posted on History of Charotar - History of Patel-Patidar at 4/24/2011 8:53:50 PM
  It is great to come from a grand is too bad that behavior of Indians (including patels) have gotten so classless and that of commoners....parents who encourage childrens bad behaviors (be it lying about their childs extra ciricular activities, funding late night bar hopping activities even after they are married, laughing when your 6-10 year old can properly use a curse word, etc..) are leading to a lot of boys and girls (raised around respectable educated people...regardless of race) not getting married or looking for equally respectable boys or girls regardless of whether they are Indian or not. This is the reason why a lot of kids are marrying is about survival of the fitness...even though we can not hold onto some of the great history and class that Patels come from the more successful well respected kids are creating a new avenue/way of holding onto the respect tradition and beliefs by marrying morally better people with similar values...b/c coming from a name that has class means nothing if people who represent the name are classless. Kudos for the stronger smarter new respectable Indian community that is emerging.

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