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kanu patel posted on History of Charotar - History of Patel-Patidar at 1/19/2012 4:01:46 PM
kanu patel
Wichita Ks. U.s.
  It was said earlier that Patidar has only one culture and that is Agriculture But now a days we are having GLOBLE CULTUREProud to be patel.
Kanu Patel. posted on Kalpasar Project of Swarnim Gujarat at 7/29/2013 4:25:22 PM
Kanu  Patel.
Wichita,ks. Usa.
  Nice project.
Kanu Patel posted on Matrimonial at 6/27/2013 12:52:18 PM
Kanu Patel
Wichita , Ks,us.
  Hi,we are looking for us citizen girl for my nephew ,23 year old,B.E.Computer.(india based). Post your detail to view email address.or contect on cell no.+1 904 864 7048.
KANU A.PATEL. posted on Fourteen Gam Patidar Samaj - Charotar Chaud (14) Gaam Patidar Samaj at 1/4/2012 5:41:38 PM
Wichita Ks.
  Happy New Year 2 all members of samaj.

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