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Brij Mohan
Ahmedabad And Gurgaon
  A large region of western central India constituted what was known as Gurjardesh whose focal points were Ujjain, Abu and Pattan. This kingdom in medieval times included wester U P, Haryana ,Punjab ,Pakistan,Rajsthan, Gujarat,North Western Madhya Pradesh and Northern Maharashtra.This fact of history is corroborated by legendry British explorer Colonel James Todd in the 18th century who was discreditted in Britain for giving a glorious and factual account of Indian history in his epic Annals of Rajputana. Therefore, the truth lies somewhere between the comments of Mr Nagraj and this article. There is definitely a mix of Kshatriyas(Gurjars) of this region and Chalukyas of southern Maharashtra and Karnataka to form the present lot of the people of Gujarat. Patels too may not have been spared of this demographic churning .

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