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AllAreSame posted on How - Who Named India at 8/31/2013 9:42:06 PM
  I agree @TheoryGuys discription... The Sanskrit name of Bharat = Bharat GAnaraajyaa whos direct English translation is United States of Bharat. Another name for the Indian continent is Jambudvipa...whos direct meaning is Jambu continent (BTW - Jambu is an indian fruit also called as indian blackberry which is actually violet in much messed up it can keep on getting...ha ha ha) BTW - they dont call Quran, Torah, Bible as epic. But Ramayana and mahabharata are epics..hmmmm! Divinity is based on belief and historicity can be proved based on the proof. Only, so called Indian epic, can be proved to be happened based on so many out of India studies and discoveries.....Interesting haannn.... Our Indian people are ok buttering white people and other western civilization who are beef and pork eater, but they dont stand with the person with different cast who chronologically or by DNA belongs to your own line....isnt it amazing?
TheoryGuy posted on How - Who Named India at 8/31/2013 9:25:06 PM
  @Vinod Sailes: you talk like a professor who think knows everything...right from the start of civilization..not! Europeans, in every way has started creating lots of theories. Because, it was the only way to destroy the native culture and beliefs. They new the ideas developed here, and the science as well, was way advance. Hence, they started breaking education system - replaced yoga/meditation with crappy PT (Physical Training). Also, they made us and the world believe on incorrect history for selfish reasons....and they did the same with the different parts of the world. They were robbers in gentlemans dress. (of course, all were not the same - but majority of them) why the heck do you think they always had latest and greatest technology? Because they learned from other natives. If they had technology then why didnt they stayed in Europe and did something better there? Anyways - People like Vinod Sailes are real problems to Indian knowledge development because they are still continuing the noise that Europeans started to make back in history - little did they know that the effect will last so far. I agree that the name should be Bharat - because it was famous as Bharat khand back then. Khand = island, Bharat = name of the king who reigned the region for longest time. This country was always open, is open and will be open. The first open source university was coined by this country - Takshashila & Nalandaa. They gave all the knowledge for free to ALL the people visiting there. But Indian people tend to forget their own identity and flow with the flow of visiting civilizations. Please - stop the false claim and repeatation of the incorrect European portrayal of India....oops Bharat I mean.

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