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Mangesh Patil posted on History of Charotar - History of Patel-Patidar at 12/14/2013 12:44:48 PM
Mangesh Patil
Maharashtra, Mumbai, Malad
  our children was not aware of that we are gujrathi in our cast certificate Leva Patidar is mentioned that nobody knows what is Leva Patidar when people talk in gujrathi with us our children ask why the people talk us in gujrathi if they say I am maharashtrian the people dont believe they think that we are lying when they confirm they says you are looking like gujrathi yes they were right because god has given us magnetic personality which can attract people who has a power to rule over world when I study our history then I realized that I am originally from Patel Family my origin is leva patidar gujrath who migrated from gujrath as We were exploited by one religion and to save our samaj and religion we left gujrath I have proud to be gujrathi Leve Patidar

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