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Narendra Kapoor posted on Why did the British leave India, Reveal the True Reason of India Independence at 12/2/2014 5:47:43 PM
Narendra Kapoor
New Delhi, India
  Indian National Congress of Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru always belittled Neta Jis role in fight against the British. Not only BELITTLED but OBLITERATED the role of THE GREATEST FREEDOM FIGHTER - NETA JI SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE.
Harshvadan Nirmal posted on Why do we offer milk to Lord Shiva at 1/1/2015 3:24:42 PM
Harshvadan Nirmal
Ahmedabad India
  Hindu should have that knowledge in their DNA but time-wise we have destroyed it ourselves. We need to educate our kids practically and not only with speeches and advices.

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