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Dinesh Patel posted on History of Charotar - History of Patel-Patidar at 9/5/2015 5:32:02 PM
Dinesh Patel
  The Aryan theory is a complete hogwash put up by mesmerized people who literally worship Europeans. Aryan have never existed outside of subcontinent. Aryans have migrated to other continents including Germany just like Charotar Patidars have fanned out to different continents. Charotar Patidars are descendants of Chakravarti Kings of India, Vasudevs and Tithankars who have ruled India for time beyond Rama Avtar. Patidars are not Aryan imports from Europe!! Charotar Patidars have migrated from Punjab area to Adalaj near Ahmedabad and finally to Charotar. Lets not distort the lineage and history of Patidars by relying on false material theorized on web these days.

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