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Srinath posted on How - Who Named India at 5/8/2018 7:50:24 AM
  there are many versions of the term India as well ad Hindustan (Hindus staan). according to my study the term Hindu means Paapi who doesnt believe in Allah. according to persian at then time the people residing in Bharat kand are paapi(s) because dey wont believe/follow Allah. thus they use to call us Hindu(s). Hindu means black, thief ect.... as Mr. Uday Gupte mentioned is the correct meaning of Bharat. but if we look through ancient sages(scientists /researchers) they gave Bharath name to this country (actually its applies on continent n entire Earth (thus we say Bharata bhoomi)) bcoz every living organisms on dis earth is because of sun. so bha(with Sun or with other) rat (having Rathi with Sun and genaratating all living things on this earth.

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